Monday, May 16, 2011

Sometimes D takes cool pictures at baseball games.


We had so much fun at the Bee's game last weekend with John and Emma. They had an "in" for cheap tickets and free T-Shirts, so naturally, we couldn't pass it up. Everyone was decked out in their pink to support breast cancer research. To honor the great American pastime, we got hot dogs and pretzels and sang "take me out to the ball game" during the seventh inning stretch. And for a minute there, it was so nice outside that it even felt like summer! Afterward, we stopped at Hires to grab some dinner. One of the highlights of the evening was the darling little boy at Hires who leaned over to his dad, pointed at John and Daniel, and said a little too loudly: "Look, Dad! Those boys are wearing pink!!"

p.s. I did not edit a single one of these pictures. D is just that good. And thanks to Emma's sister Kate for taking the picture of Daniel and I!


  1. That kid at Hires cracks me up... I love it. I love the pictures! I wish I had a good camera... A really cheap point and shoot doesn't really get the job done! I want to invest in a poloroid camera. THOSE things are bomb!

  2. oh and ps. I got your tweet and laughed. I love changing my blog, I just not as computer savvy as you are. Will you give me a lesson on blogger? Seriously though... I need a tutor.

    You're a teacher Mandy... TEACH ME. :)

  3. oooh! i love this! your blog is so cute! love it!

  4. okay so i love your blog and i feel like we have very similar personalities and similar tastes in almost maybe i went way back on your blog and saw you have the green kitchen-aid...yep i totally have the same one, i think that means we were meant to be friends.


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