Sunday, February 27, 2011

05 - favorite memory.

August 17th, 2010
The first day I woke up as Mrs. Sorensen.

I woke up next to Daniel for the first time at the Grand America Hotel. We lounged around, tried on our slippers, ate breakfast (aka leftover wedding fruit) in bed, drove to the airport, and flew off to California for our honeymoon. I remember being absolutely giddy and more in love with my brand-new husband than ever. We held hands every second of the day. I couldn't stop smiling.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

04 - a typical night.

A typical evening with the Sorensens usually goes something like this:

Just hanging out on our couch (it's denim - I know you're jealous) with computers or controllers on our laps. There's a whole lot of homework, mindless Internet surfing, video-gaming, and Netflix movie-watching. Let's not forget our TV show agenda - a little bit of Jay Leno/Jimmy Fallon, and occasionally even the news! (Can you tell we don't have cable?) We really do have fun though, I promise! Relaxing evenings with D are the very best :)

If we happen to be over at the Jacobsen's for Sunday dinner, it might go something like this:

 This last one is just for blackmail. 

Isn't my hubby a STUD?! <3

Friday, February 25, 2011

03 - tv show

I couldn't pick my favorite, so here's the top two.

There are very few TV shows that can make me laugh out loud every single time I watch them. Community does this without fail. It is SO funny! I wish I could be with the characters on all of their crazy adventures. 

What a fantastic show! I could watch it all day, and let's be honest, I have done that before. I love the intensity - every single episode keeps you on the edge of your seat. It's so interesting to see how they figure out all of their suspects...

If you haven't seen either of these shows - go rent/buy/netflix them NOW. You'll thank me later.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

02 - best friends

these are my very best friends.

 i love them all dearly even though i don't see any of them as often as i'd like. each of these fabulous girls has played a big role in helping me become the person that i am today. 
i love you all!

on a less squishy note, would you like to hear some of our hilarious nicknames?! i was thinking about it, and there are some pretty funny ones. many of them were invented on random adventures, but some of them have existed since basically the dawn of time. and in case you're wondering, we really do use some of them pretty often.

From left to right:

Abbi: Abs, Abigail, Sly Fox, Abu, and pretty much anything with the word "sexy" in it.
Melissa: MelNash, Mel, Nash, Nashy, Mel Bell, Lissy, Melish Nish, Nash Balls (it's a lacrosse reference, i swear).
Elizabeth: Liz, Lizzie, Moffitt, Moffitteer, Lizard, Liz Bliz, Crazy Loon (i may be the only one who calls her this).
Mandy: Mands, Manders, Mandel, Dandel, Dandelion, M.
Marianne: Mari, Scout (a personal favorite), Mares, Schmidt, Schmidty, Titch, Titch Bit, Bit, Ti-Bi.
Emily: Emma, Em, Shmema, Shmemily, Shmem, Roos, Rooster.
Lauren: Laur, Laur-bar, L-Brad, Cute Lauren.

if you think these are should hear what we've nicknamed some of our cars.

p.s....please tell me if i forgot any! i easily could have missed some great ones.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

01 - 10 facts.

10 facts.

1. I talk extremely quickly. To the point that a lot of people probably can't understand a word I'm saying.

2. I can eat an unlimited amount of popcorn. And I am being completely serious. It's a problem.

3. Due to my crazy schedule, I eat pretty much all my meals in the car on a given day. Breakfast is usually a mug of cereal and milk, and lunch/dinner is a variety of granola bars, animal crackers, and fruit snacks with the occasional addition applesauce or string cheese. I have perfected the art of driving with my knee.

4. I love everything about dinosaurs, fossils, paleontology, and archaeology. While taking the "World of Dinosaurs" class at the U, I even did an internship at the Museum of Natural History where I got to prepare fossils! I wore a white lab coat and it was awesome.

5. I don't like chick flicks. I'd much prefer a good mind-bender or an action movie. Or even a documentary.

6. I'm a sucker for all types of puzzles. I love crosswords, sudoku, riddles, etc. I'm pretty good at them too.

7. I am pretty much always cold. Even if it's 90 degrees outside. I've been told on multiple occasions by a man who shall remain nameless *cough*daniel*cough* that I simply don't produce my own body heat. I've also been called cold-blooded and, my personal favorite, solar-powered.

8. My biggest pet peeve EVER is when people call your name to ask you a question and you respond, but then they don't say anything. Example: someone calls me from the other room and says "Mandy!"and I answer "Yes?" ............................... and then they say nothing. So you call again: "What?!"................... and silence.  UM, excuse me!! I just dropped absolutely everything I was doing to talk to you because you called me, and then you don't have the decency to respond after I answered you?! YOU were the one who initiated contact in the first place! And it was like 2 seconds ago, so how could you possibly have gotten too busy to talk to me in 2 seconds?!? Now I am left hanging here, totally distracted, and still thinking about what it was that you were going to tell me. Good gracious! 

9. I have never traveled out of the country, but I am dying to see the world!

10. I don't like to be home alone because I get so bored and lonely! I'm super social and I need to have somebody to talk to or else I go crazy.

Sorry about the rant on #8, but isn't that so annoying? I just barely figured it out last night. I rank that one even higher on my hate-list than people leaving extra time on the microwave. Which is a big deal, for me. Just sayin'.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Craft? Whaaat.

Check it out! I made a wreath for our apartment door.

I have been wanting to make a wreath like this forever, but I had no motivation until my mom gave me $40.00 worth of coupons to Joann's. Thanks Mom!!

It was so easy to make! I bought one of those green foam wreaths, and picked out some fabric. 

Then I traced the rim of a cup to make some medium-sized circles, and cut them out with fabric scissors.

Then, I took a screwdriver and pushed the center of the circles down into the foam. I thought I would need to use hot glue to make them stay, but they stayed in pretty well without it! 

And I framed Daniel. Haha...

Slow and steady progress...

And finally all done!!

To hang it, I got a piece of ribbon and just used duct tape to secure it to the back. Ta-da!

So easy, huh?

I think I'll probably make some fabric flowers to give it some more color for spring. Or you could just use a different fabric, cut out circles, and put those in a cluster along with your other fabric! It would look something like this:

Hooray for crafts!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I'm so excited to have Monday off!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dear D,

Dear D,

I cannot believe it has already been 6 months since this perfect day on August 16th, 2010. We've already been married for half a year!! Can you believe it?! It seems like just yesterday we were walking out of the temple doors together, hand-in-hand as a brand-new married couple. Time has gone by so fast! We have had so much fun together already. Marriage is wonderful, and my decision to marry you is, without question, the best decision I have ever made. I love you more and more each day, Daniel. I feel like I can get through anything with you by my side. I'm excited to see what eternity has in store for us. I love you!!



Monday, February 14, 2011

D's Birthday Festivities

I realize Daniel's birthday was a while ago, but life is a sneaky thing that sneaks up on you when you least expect it. Get ready for too many pictures.**

It was so fun to have D's birthday on a Saturday because we had the whole day to do whatever he wanted!

We started off by sleeping in as late as possible. When we woke up, we made a tasty breakfast and opened a few presents. Then we went to the Verizon Store and got some cases for our phones (yes, I know it was his birthday, but I needed a cell phone case too!). We were pretty excited to get them because we just figured out that Intermountain Healthcare employees get 25% off all accessories at the Verizon Store! Super sweet.

Then it was off to lunch at one of our favorites - Paradise Bakery.


 Seriously, their food is divine.

Then we visited Daniel's family and my family, and opened a few more presents along the way.

My mom made Daniel a cake, but made the mistake of letting him put his 24 candles on.

This is what happened.

It looks like a sun to me, but Daniel assured me that it was "a fortress."

I hope he made a great wish!

Afterwards, we met up with friends and had dinner at Training Table (another fav). It was so fun to hang out with everyone!

The last stop was, of course, Fat Cats for bowling.

To explain this, there are two things you need to know about Daniel: 
1. He loves bowling.
2. He is extremely competitive.

Because of these two factors, D is actually a pretty good bowler. To make a long story short, D ended up winning both games we played that night. I, on the other hand, bowled my fair share of gutter balls and generally embarrassed myself as usual. It was an epic night.

Bowling turned out to be even more fun because we happened to run into a fantastic guy from Daniel's fraternity who's wife just happened to work at Fat Cats. Free bowling anyone?! Yes, please!

Oh, and I also got hooked up with some free socks since I never remember to wear socks when I go bowling. Pretty stylin' huh?

Needless to say, D's birthday was a blast. We loved sharing it with great friends.

**Sorry that half of these photos are annoyingly blurry. A few were taken with D's iPod touch, and some were off of my crummy little camera that is probably worse than an iPod touch. Thanks for loving me through it.

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