Sunday, May 1, 2011

I heart Sundays.

Because I get to spend time with family.
 And eat fantastic dinners.
 And today, I might even get to see this little guy:

And also, because church is great.

President Monson bears his testimony and says things like this:

"Rescuing souls is our mission. There is much work to be done, souls to save. 
It may look impossible. You'll find true joy, even if it takes years, if you lift another into activity. 
We can do it. It's the Lord's errand, so we are entitled to the Lord's help. 
Love them. Don't give up...until they give up and come to the temple."

And the 'beams are cute and say things like this:

"Mandy, your hair looks very pretty today."


"Guess what? I ate all my green beans last night."


"I drew the spider that was in my bathtub this morning."

....yep. It's official. Sundays are where it's at.

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  1. So jealous President Monson is in your ward!


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