Sunday, June 6, 2010

Park City & Sunburns

Usually, weekends with the soon-to-be Sorensens consist of a whole lot of "what do you want to do tonight?" and "I don't know...what do you want to do?" By default, this often leads to "which movie do you want to rent?" or, my personal favorite, "what time does [insert ice cream shop here] close?"

But this weekend, we hardly had time to sit down! I have to say, it was so much fun. It felt like the weekend was days longer because of all the fun we fit into two short days.

On Friday, I left work early to help with my little sister's birthday party. Her theme was "A Picture Perfect Party." The girls had a blast decorating picture frames, and going on an epic picture scavenger hunt! That's where I come in. I got to drive a group of girls around and take pictures of them doing the various things on the list.

With a dog.

On a slide.

On first base.

On a bench.


Terrorizing Fresh Market actually wasn't on the list, but we did that one anyway.

Shortly after that adventure, we had a date with a few of our best friends Emma & John and Marianne & Laird to go up to Marianne's condo in Park City. We ate dinner on Main Street, and went back to the condo for ice cream, board games, and a movie. Such a fun night!

We ran over a grapefruit.

Who leaves a whole grapefruit in a parking lot?

J & E

M & L

M & D

Team V.

The next morning, I had to wake up super early to go to a breakfast for my ward. Unfortunately for Daniel, I decided to call him when it was over. He told me that I didn't wake him up. He lied. When I showed up at his house, he was still in bed. Of course he was kind of cranky a really good sport about the whole thing =).

Perhaps my favorite part of the weekend was swimming. One of my best friends, Melissa, invited us over to her grandparents' pool.

We were all super excited to work on our summer tans. Perhaps a little
too excited. We didn't exactly use sunscreen.

This was the result.
If you can't tell, we are kind of fried crispy.

I may not have gotten anything done this weekend, but I loved spending time with our wonderful friends.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Yay, pictures!! I am happy to announce that Daniel and I got our engagement pictures taken on Saturday. It was so much fun!

Our photographer was Sarah from Lindsay Jane Studios. She was absolutely amazing! Even though she's about 9 months pregnant, she was still moving all over the place and even laying on the ground to get her angles! Very impressive.

Anyway, we had been anxiously awaiting the release of the pictures. That may be an understatement - we basically checked her blog 7 times a day. And yesterday, we were excited to see that she had posted some samples!

Here are a few of them:

some kisses.

let's try to make Daniel not look like he's a foot taller than me.

this is one of my absolute favorites!

i love the reflection in this one.

and of course, the candid.

We could not get over this one!! We look like the world's angriest couple. Our darling photographer tried to take some more serious pictures, but it's obvious that Daniel and I can't do serious. She kept telling Daniel not to wrinkle his forehead so much, and you can definitely see him concentrating on that...haha.

We really do love each other, I promise.


In other news, my family is going on a vacation to Hawaii this summer!! I can't wait to lay on the beach and go surfing and snorkeling.

We've definitely waited a long time to go on this trip. It was originally planned for last year, but my younger brother Steven decided to get his foot run over by a car just a few short weeks before our departure date.

A couple of plates and screws later, we decided we needed to cancel our trip. Luckily we were able to reschedule.

Unfortunately, we only bought enough tickets for my family (since we booked it last year, before we were engaged) so poor Daniel gets left at home. I'm going to miss him while I'm gone! Hopefully he'll settle for some truly awesome souvenirs, and a few epic picture messages that will come to him and random hours of the night due to the time difference.

Until next time...

Much love from Mandy

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