Sunday, August 31, 2014

a hike.

Every time we go on a hike, I always promise myself we need to do it more often. The outdoors here in Utah are so incredible! It's something I need to take advantage of a lot more.

We hiked up to the waterfalls at Bell's Canyon, and it was a really fun one. It wasn't too hard (we are clearly not experienced hikers) but it was strenuous enough that it wasn't just a walk. There's also a lot to see! There's a lake, rivers, and several waterfalls if you choose to hike up that far. We recommend!

Any hikes to recommend for us? We'd love to hear. 
I'm excited to get out there once the leaves start changing!


As of Late

A few tidbits of what we've been up to as of late...

D and I took a weekend trip up to the cabin - just the two of us. 

Kiki and I took millions of pictures at John's Significant Sig award dinner.

I painted a handful of signs for our 5th grade State Fair! It was a smashing success.

Daniel and his brothers each ate their OWN 42 oz. porterhouse steaks at Spencer's. The waiter said they were made to share, but he clearly hadn't met the Sorensen men...

Fun was had by all at Daniel's Grandma Susu's 80th birthday bash! A yummy dinner and fun talent show at the Joseph Smith Memorial building made for a great party.

No matter what we're doing, I'm so grateful I get to spend my time with this handsome man.

Daniel's Graduation!

Hello! Back on the blog again. Just thought it might be a good idea to document one of the most important things that's happened to us this year. Daniel graduated from college!

 Tassel in the face with a John B. Sorensen photobomb in the back :)

Emily homemade these truly spectacular U of U cookies! It's even more impressive when you consider that she is a BYU fan.
After the ceremony, we had a luncheon for Daniel and his cousin Peter who graduated the same day. fun was had by all!

Post-graduation life was kind of interesting for us at the beginning. Before he graduated, Daniel had a great job at a law firm, but it was only part time and wasn't where he wanted to be forever. So, he started the job hunt. At first, not much was coming up. So when a friend offered Daniel a position at his start-up company, D put in his two-weeks notice and we started getting excited for this new opportunity!

That was when things got interesting.

Days before Daniel's two weeks was up, the job at the start-up company fell through. It was a huge blow. Not only was it financially not the best situation, it was also hard for Daniel to be finally graduating - only to be unemployed.

A few months into this unemployment adventure, I had started to get pretty discouraged. Daniel had been searching so hard for a job and doing everything he could, but nothing was working out. My life right then was the opposite of how I pictured it would be. Wasn't life supposed to finally begin after both of us graduated? Weren't we supposed to be making more money instead of less? We had lived in this tiny-shoebox-apartment for 4 years, and I just wanted to move on with our lives. It was a good thing I had Daniel to help keep me positive. He had a lot more perspective than I did, and I appreciate that now more than ever.

It turned out, as all "trials" do, that the whole ordeal was for the best. Not only did I learn a lot about myself and Daniel, but I also learned about patience and the Lord's timing. I learned for myself that when one door closes, another door opens. And that second door is the one you want to go through anyway.

After much searching and prayer, Daniel was eventually offered a great position at Extra Space Storage in their branding department. It was, and has continued to be, a HUGE blessing. It's an excellent company that treats their employees well. He travels nationwide and is learning a lot of valuable skills. Their most recent company party was even at the Aquarium! Pretty much my dream come true :)

A long story, but an important one for me to write about on the blog because it was a real learning experience for me. I've learned that keeping a positive attitude in hard times is important, because eventually it will all work out. We just have to trust!

Congratulations Daniel! <3


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