Monday, March 19, 2012

these past few weekends...

Even though she was buried alive, Baby Corolla survived another epic snowstorm! She's such a champion, even though she hates snow as much as I do. Baby and I are a great team.
We took a much-needed road trip up to the cabin with Daniel's family. On the way up, we listened to good old-fashioned mix CDs in the Jeep. At the cabin, we made a chicken pot pie, almost finished a crossword, munched on chips and salsa, and cuddled up to watch a movie. We also took in the beautiful scenery on the ATVs, had deep conversations about religion and dinosaurs, and figured out how many Sorensens it takes to change an ATV battery. I wore my raccoon hat the whole day :)
The Jazz played the Pistons, and won! Thanks to Groupon, we were there to support them. Oh, and of course the Lawrences were there too! 

We ate at Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana downtown on St. Patrick's day, and it was amazing. Have you ever eaten there? My sister-in-law who served her mission in Italy says it's the place to go in SLC for authentic Italian-style pizza. The appetizer we ordered looked amazing (and tasted even better), and my pizza had enough kalamata olives on it to make me one happy camper.

Oh weekends, why do you come and go so quickly? Please come again soon! 

In other news...I have less than 2 weeks of student teaching left (eep!), I'm about a month and a half away from graduating (double eep!), and life is good around here in the Sorensen house. I'm excited to have a little time to myself after student teaching is over. It's been a long, long year. Hip, hip, hooray!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

That time I thought our apartment was going to catch on fire.

Today, I got out of the shower at about 7:00 a.m. and heard a slightly terrifying sound. Every few seconds, I'd hear a crackling, hissing noise coming from inside the little closet that contains our furnace. So, I started racing around in my towel trying to figure out what was wrong. When I opened the door, I knew what was making the sound - the pilot light. Every few seconds it would flare up so badly that I could actually see the flames, and then it would die down. I had no idea what was wrong, but I knew for sure it was not legit.

Basically, here's how it went down: mandy + fire + flames + furnace + apartment = total freakout.

I was pretty sure that I needed to vacate the premises and warn my neighbors of a possible massive explosion in my furnace room. I wondered if I should just grab the 72-hour-kit and run for my life, or if I should start hauling out all of our precious belongings first. Then, I remembered I was naked except for my towel, and I thought it might be wise to get dressed first. But did I have the time? I wasn't so sure.

In the end, the first thing I did was, of course, call Daniel. But he happened to be taking a test that morning, so he wasn't his usual prompt-phone-answering self. So I called my mom. She actually answered at 7:00 in the morning (bless her soul) but she knew about as much about pilot lights as I did, which was not very much. We did, however, both agree that my flaming pilot light was sketchy and needed to be dealt with. She reminded me that I should probably call emergency maintenance and ask them to come and rescue me. 

Now, let me just tell you, we have a wonderful maintenance man. His name is George. He drives a vintage red pickup truck that I have been meaning to snap a photo of for quite some time. George, Daniel,  and I had a bonding experience a few months ago when he showed up to work on something in our apartment one morning, and caught us in our pajamas. Whoops.

So, as I'm wet and shivering in my towel at 7:00 in the morning, I was really happy to hear his voice on the other end of the phone. After I described the situation, George told me to calm down, and to turn off the pilot light until he got there to look at it. Judging by my silence on the phone, George figured out that I had no idea how to do that, so he told me to turn the thermostat off instead. I'm so glad George and I understand each other.

I was feeling safe enough to leave our apartment to go to work once I turned the thermostat down and the scary noise stopped. I sent Daniel a text telling him I was sorry for bugging him, but not to worry, because I saved our apartment from burning down by calling emergency maintenance. That was, apparently, not as comforting to Daniel as it was to me, because he called me about 2 minutes later to ask for an explanation.

Then, I got another phone call from a Restricted number. I didn't answer because I had no idea who would be calling me, but a few minutes after that, the manager of the apartments was calling me too. At this point, I was having a brief heart attack because something had probably gone haywire with that darn pilot light after all, and they were calling to tell me that my furnace had singlehandedly burned down the entire apartment complex. 

Luckily, my manager was calling because George didn't have a key to our place, and needed one of us to let him in. Except, I reminded her, that he definitely had a key a few months ago during our little "bonding experience." And also, why was he calling me from a Restricted number? Is that what our relationship has come to, George? Is it because I called you at 7:00 am?

Regardless. It turns out George simply misplaced our key, and he got in and got it fixed before I was even home from work that day. Needless to say, it was a dramatic morning. And I pretty much owe my life and sanity to George. 

The End.


Here's some of our "stats" from the past few weeks, if you'd like to see!

Number of...
new restaurants I've tried in the past month: 4
times I've gone to dinner with teacher-friends: 3
shrimp I caught in my mouth at Tepanyaki: 1
shrimp Daniel caught in his mouth at Tepanyaki: 0 (aha! i win!)
immediate family members with birthdays on March 6th: 3
days until I'm done with student teaching: 24
interviews I have in the next week: 2
books I was supposed to read for class: 2
books I read for class: 0
books I read for fun: 1
hours of sleep I get most nights: 6.5
days until I graduate: 58
days until we leave for Newport Beach: 59
pounds I want to lose before then: 10
hours we spent at the gym with Laird: 1.5
times we've had fun watching our nephews: 1
times Liam has had fun with us watching him: 0
times we've watched Nacho Libre: 1
times Nacho Libre has been quoted afterward: infinity

Things have been pretty busy around here lately. Daniel is taking some tough classes this semester, and between student teaching and work, I'm gone for about 13 straight hours every day of the week. Lately, the thing that's been getting on my nerves the most is not having time to eat good, balanced meals. Is that too much for a girl to ask for?! It's a good thing student teaching is over in just a few weeks. Although, I'm really going to miss those kids. Even if they're crazy sometimes :)

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