Monday, May 23, 2011

popcorn cravers anonymous.

Alright, people. It's confession time.

My name is Mandy, and I have a popcorn problem.

I realize a lot of people like popcorn. Hey, some people might even love it. But I have stepped beyond the average boundaries of popcorn consumption. And it's getting serious. Last night, D and I were over at my parents house watching Robin Hood (the one with Russel Crowe, which is quite a great flick by the way..) and my mom walked down the stairs with two bowls of fabulous homemade popcorn. It didn't matter that I had just eaten a full Sunday dinner. I still got that wide-eyed, about-to-drool look on my face and ended up eating almost an entire bowl by myself.

If that's not enough for you, let's rewind to the time that D and I saw Tangled at the movie theater. D got us one of those extra-super-giant TUBS of popcorn, and let's just say it was entirely gone before the movie was over. D probably had two handfuls, and I probably took two years off of my life.

Now fast forward to this weekend when we were on our way to dinner at Tucanos. It just so happens that you have to walk past the Megaplex 12 movie theater at The Gateway to get to Tucanos. I regret to admit this, but I may or may not have asked Daniel if we could cancel our reservations in favor of having popcorn for dinner.

So there you have it, folks. This is my true-life story of being a popcorn addict. I can eat it anytime, anywhere. I love all flavors from kettle corn to caramel corn. I can also eat it no matter how full I am. It's like my stomach expands exclusively so it can accommodate massive amounts of popcorn. If anyone knows the cure, I'm all ears.

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