Friday, August 5, 2011

Some recent (very funny) conversations.

I've participated in some quite hilarious conversations lately. A few are most definitely worth sharing, so here you go:

Daniel and I, while making dinner.
Me: I was making the bed today, and I noticed that there's a rip in the fitted sheet. Have you noticed that?
Daniel: Yeah, I saw that.
Me: It's way weird! And it's on your side, too. Any idea how that happened?
Daniel: Uh...nope.
Me: Huh. It's funny, because when I looked at it closely, it looks more like a cut than a rip. And the mattress pad is cut, too.
Daniel: Oh really? That's odd.
Me: Yeah.
Daniel: ...I dropped my knife, okay?
Me: What?
Daniel: I was opening my knife, and I dropped it.
Me: O...kay....
Daniel: I know how it happened. I dropped my knife and it cut the sheet. And the mattress pad. And then I just lied. Sorry.

(I couldn't help but laugh! The best part? I totally didn't suspect him of anything! Haha!)

This one takes some set-up. My mom and my brother Steven (Ryan Gosling look-alike) came over to drop off some cookies and a gift card to Cabela's for D's half-birthday (yes, the Jacobsens totally celebrate half birthdays). Steven had just gotten his wisdom teeth out that day, so why he was out and about is beyond me. Anyway, this is how it went down:
Mom: Daniel, I hope you can find something great at Cabela's for your hunting trip!
Daniel: Definitely, thank you!
Steven: Um, Yeah. Um...find a, I forgot what I was going to say. No, wait. Have... have a good hunting trip.
Daniel: Uh, thanks...Steven...
Me/Mom: BAHAHahaHAhahah!
Steven: I think it's time to go home now.

Daniel and I, walking around the Gateway.
Daniel: Feet are so weird.
Me: What?
Daniel: They're so weird! Think about it. We wear flip flops and show our feet off, but they're very...intimate.
Me: That's gross.
Daniel: No! Not like that. Intimate was the wrong word. But they're personal. If someone came up to you and touched your arm, that wouldn't be weird. But if they came up to you and touched your feet?
Me: Yeah...that would be weird.
Daniel: I know! Feet are so weird.
Me: .....


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