Sunday, July 3, 2011

This weekend, we escaped to the cabin.

D and I spent this weekend up at the cabin for a much needed getaway. The scenery was beautiful, the stars were bright, and the mountain air was fresh and relaxing. And I swear D's blood pressure drops about 10 points as soon as we get up there. 

Some of our favorite cabin activities included:

taking the ranger for a spin
feeding the horses
watching movies
taking naps
eating snacks
taking pictures
playing scrabble

 That's right! D took me on my second fishing trip to Smith & Morehouse this weekend. Unfortunately, it wasn't nearly as eventful as our last fishing trip. But the weather was gorgeous, and I got to wear my yellow rain boots! We got up extra early and the light on the lake was so beautiful. It was totally worth the trip, even though our fishing stats weren't so great...

Stats from our fishing trip

Number of times the line broke: 2
Number of casting bubbles lost: 2
Number of flies lost: 4
Number of line tangles: 2
Number of spiders in the camera bag: 1
Number of bugs in the car: 5
Number of times M went into a sketchy bathroom: 1
Number of location changes: 2
Number of rocks caught: 1
Number of bushes caught: 3
Number of fish caught: 0

That's right, folks. All that, and not a single fish to show for it. (D would like to add "Number of expletives said internally: 943"). But in all seriousness, we still had so much fun. We decided at the end of the trip that all we needed was each other to make the trip a success. But if you're in the mood for a little more excitement, you should definitely go read about our last fishing trip.

We also had a lot of fun playing with the horses up at the cabin. They're not our horses, but we still thought they could use a snack.

  And that's the story of our wonderful weekend getaway to the cabin. 

p.s. Doesn't D look super sexy in those aviators? I sure loved seeing that all weekend ;)

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