Saturday, October 16, 2010

gone fishing...

Last week, I was on the phone with Daniel and we were trying to think of what we should do on Saturday. You see, Saturday is our day. Neither of us work or go to school on Saturday, so it's the one day during the week that we can spend together. I don't know why, but I suddenly blurted out "Hey Daniel, we could go fishing!"

...Fishing? Had I ever been fishing?

Well, if you count my two trips to the Trout Farm when I was in Elementary School, then yes I had been fishing. But Daniel said that didn't count.

Daniel proceeded to tell me that he would love to take me fishing. He has his own tackle box and fishing pole, and said I could borrow one from his family. He knew of this great fishing lake called Smith and Morehouse that's just above his family's cabin. And just like that, it was settled. We drove up there on Saturday and set up camp.

We figured it was going to be pretty cold up at the lake since it's above Oakley, so we dressed in our very-legitimate fishing gear:

Under Armor Pants
Ugg Boots
Waterproof Jacket
"Fishing" Hat
Complete with thermals underneath.

He did it a few times before handing me the pole so he could set up another one. As I was holding the fishing pole in my hands like he told me to, a thought suddenly came to me.

"Daniel...what do I do if I catch a fish?"

"Just reel it in."

"Oh, okay."

Not 5 seconds later, I felt a tug on my line.

A fish. A FISH!! I had actually caught a fish!!!! Wait...what did Daniel tell me to do?

In my rush of excitement over my first-ever fish, I completely forgot what Daniel had told me to do when I caught it. So, of course, I started screaming. I knew that I needed to get the fish on shore, so I started backing up the bank. I held the pole out in front of me, while the fish is dangled there in almost as much of a panic as I was. Poor Daniel came running across the shore trying to tell me to reel it in so he could get it off the hook. Finally, Daniel unhooked the fish. It was a little over a foot long, and I swear on my life it was leopard print. It was a pretty awesome fish. However, it was also a slippery guy. My leopard-print fish wiggled away from us before we could get a decent picture of him. Luckily, I ended up catching another fish!

Here is fish number two!!

Me holding my fish. Just a little excited about it.

He's called a Brown Trout, I think.

This guy was a bit smaller than my first fish, so we decided to let him go. He wasn't looking very edible. Unfortunately, those were the only two fish we caught that day. I think we probably would have caught a few more if we had gotten there a little earlier (we slept in...oops). We were hoping to have at least one fish that we could take home and eat for dinner, but don't worry, we went to the Cowboy Grub instead.

I can't wait for our next fishing trip!!

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