Thursday, July 21, 2011

A/C Envy.

So I was listening to some talk-radio morning show today, and the topic was air conditioning. They had this guy on the show who's air conditioner had been broken for an entire month, and the repairman still hadn't come out to fix it. When they heard his story, all three of the radio hosts pretty much had panic attacks:

"How could you live like that?"
"I would be threatening to kill someone!"
"It's 95 degrees outside!" 
"I would never be able to sleep at night!"
"An entire month?!"
"I'd kidnap the repairman's children and hold them hostage!"

I'm not kidding. The radio hosts were beside themselves. But believe it or not, I was freaking out even more than they were. Only it was for a much different reason.

Our apartment does not have air conditioning at all. 

It's true. No central air, no swamp cooler, not even a window unit. There is absolutely no air conditioning whatsoever in our apartment. We have lived with it for almost two summers. And believe me, it's horrible. Sometimes it even gets up to 80 degrees (!) in our little place. Sleeping with covers on is a thing of the past, and there are times when I think I may actually perish. But what made me the most upset was that not having air conditioning for a measly month earned some guy a spot on a morning show, but our landlords think it's totally cool to just let us all melt over here! And don't those morning show people know that some of us don't have air conditioning at all?!

I almost called them to tell them that, but I refrained. I refrained partly because I was late for class and had to get out of the car, but mostly because our apartments are finally under new management. Our new manager decided that we all need window A/C units or else we might all die of heatstroke. When I heard the news that we would be getting one next week, angels came down from heaven and sang a hallelujah chorus. Our new manager became my new best friend. 

Although, I have to say, I'm pretty proud of D and I for lasting as long as we have in this little apartment-turned-oven. I only had about one (or three) meltdowns the whole time! No pun intended.

But really, can you believe we've lived without air conditioning for two summers?
It's amazing what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it.

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