Sunday, July 3, 2011

That time when my little brother graduated.

You know those days where you just feel a little...old?

I couldn't help feeling that way the day my little brother Steven graduated from high school. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that I was in my cap and gown. It was so fun to see him walk, and I couldn't believe how grown up he looked. I am so proud of the person that he has become. I love him so much!

Check out all those honors and awards! He's such a smart kid.

Steven and I weren't always super close, but we became the best of friends when he started high school. We would carpool together every day and it was a definite bonding experience. We were pretty much always late which led to some very epic traffic maneuvers on the way to school. I would drop Steven off at whatever door was closest to his class so he could sprint inside before the bell rang. I'd also pick him up from Seminary after school, but it was impossible to find a parking place, so Steven (and any of his friends that wanted a ride home) got really good at getting into the car while it was still moving. We had some favorite songs that we'd jam to in the car together, and I still feel nostalgic every time I listen to them. That was one of the best years of my life.

To celebrate Steven's graduation, we all went to Market Street for dinner that night. It was fun to spend time with family, and the food was fantastic! I could go for a bowl of their clam chowder right now...


Happy Graduation, Steven! I'm excited to see where life will take you. 

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