Monday, December 13, 2010

things that are peppermint.

Remember my post about how much I love Starbucks Peppermint Hot Chocolate?

Since then, I have noticed something. I kind of love everything peppermint. It's just one of those festive flavors that I totally crave around Christmas time. 

I'm currently loving this:
 Special thanks to my cute mom for giving it to us =). It's a total staple at my parent's house during the holidays. We for sure stock up.

And I also recently discovered these:
Candy Cane Hershey Kisses. 

Umm, these are the best thing ever. I think I even had a dream about them last night (that's embarrassing...). They're white chocolate with a hint of peppermint, and some teeny-tiny candy cane pieces hidden inside. This is the first year I've discovered them, and I don't know how I've lived my whole life without them! Does anyone know if they are a new thing, or if I've just been living under a rock?

Oh, and another exciting Christmas tidbit! D and I just went shopping to get gifts for the Christmas parties on my side of the family. Both sides of my family do the coolest things for gift exchanges. The Jacobsens hold the epic "Sock Exchange." That's right. We give each other socks. They aren't just any socks, though. Everyone brings a pair of the craziest, most awesome socks they can find. It's kind of white-elephant style too so you can steal other people's socks. And I really don't think anyone is ready for the socks we just purchased....

The Petersons also hold a hilarious gift exchange. We draw names like most families, but there is a catch.  You have to purchase your gift from the Dollar Store! It's such a blast to go get gifts for everyone, and I always love to see what people pick out. D and I turned up some gems for the people we drew. Get excited.


  1. So excited for the sock exchange! I found some winners too haha!

  2. I cannot wait!!! I also can't wait to see YOU!


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