Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Have I mentioned yet how much I freakin' love not having school or work this week?
Because I freakin' love it. I feel like I've been able to get so much done lately that I've had to put on the back burner before. 
Want to hear what I've accomplished today? Probably not, but I'm telling you anyway.

Today I....

signed up for the PRAXIS I test (gulp...)
got a free study guide for the PRAXIS I test (thank you Marianne)
printed off my book list for next semester
found the cheapest copies of said books online
went to the ATM to get cash so I could get change so I could do laundry (I'm just not a cash person. I pretty much exclusively use my debit card. Oh, and also the ATM only dispenses 20's I guess, so I ended up with 80 quarters at the laundromat. I felt like I won the lottery or something.)
did 5 loads of laundry
hand-washed all of my stupid hand-wash clothes (seriously, I am never buying clothes that need to be hand-washed ever again.)
did the dishes and emptied the dishwasher
(finally) changed my name with the University of Utah
e-mailed and/or called about 2 of my Academic Honor Society invitations (that may have been sitting on my table for literally months.)
made our bed
straightened the living room
started making dinner
e-mailed my mom a list of things to put in a 72-hour kit (more on this to come)
and last but not least...
picked up two of my assignments from a class I took fall semester

Let me tell you about this class that I took fall semester. Some of you may have heard me vent about this already, but I am going to do it again.

So I took a class about Assessment in Special Education last semester. It wasn't a hard class, really, but our professor had never taught it before. I could tell she was very knowledgeable about the topic, but she kind of had a hard time explaining things sometimes. Just ask Alycia from Crowley Party. We had the class together, and I might have died if she wasn't there.

 Anyway. On the last day of class, we took a big final exam with 50 multiple choice questions and an essay. We also turned in a big in-class assignment. I studied very hard for the final, and turned my assignment in on time with everyone else's. I left class feeling really good about the test and the class in general. It didn't even cross my mind until I went to check my final grades on Saturday.

I had a few A's on my report card, and then my eyes fell to this class. It showed an "E." I had never seen or heard of an "E" before, and I thought it might have stood for "Exempt" or even "Excellent" or something fabulous like that. So I leaned over to Daniel to ask him what it meant. He looked kind of confused, and then told me that "E" was the letter after "D," and it was how the University of Utah listed failing grades. 


I may have had a panic attack right then and there. I knew there had to be some mistake. Our class had calculated our grades at midterm and I had an A. I had also felt really good about my final and the assignment I turned in. So I frantically checked the University's grade system called WebCT to find out what was going on, only to discover that there were no scores recorded for my assignment OR my final exam!! I was officially in freak-out mode. I knew grades were due on Tuesday (today) so I really doubted that she just hadn't had a chance to record them yet. Even so, I texted Alycia to ask her if her grade looked okay, and it did. 

Long story short, I've been e-mailing the professor for the past few days trying to get it all sorted out. She's not the best e-mail replier in the world, either (although neither am I, so I shouldn't judge). So today I went down to the Special Education office to see if she had possibly left the assignments there. Sure enough, mine were there and they were scored and complete. I'm still waiting to hear back from her about how to get them recorded. Until then, I have a legit failing grade on my transcript. The receptionist said that I'm going to have to submit something for an "official grade change" and it can take weeks. Talk about stressing me out!

Okay, sorry for the rant. I just had to get that off my chest.
Hope everyone is having a great week!

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