Sunday, December 19, 2010

just an average sunday with M & D

I woke up this morning to find myself all wrapped up in Daniel's arms.

I absolutely love waking up like that.

What I didn't love was glancing over at the clock to find that it was 10:55 am. Yes, you read correctly. D and I had actually managed to sleep in until 11:00 when our church starts at - oh, wait - 11:00!!! It is so out of character for us to sleep in that late! Since we've been married, we've never had to set an alarm to wake us up on Sundays. We just kind of gradually get up on our own with plenty of time to get ready. 

After I saw the clock, the next few minutes were a whirlwind of blankets, clothes, ties, toothbrushes, mascara, and me trying to use the mirror to straighten my hair while Daniel was using it to fix his at the same time. (By the way, that last part did NOT go over well.) We got ready in about ten minutes flat, and raced out the door. We practically sprinted into church and actually made it in time for the announcements and everything. We were pretty proud of ourselves, but I imagine that we probably looked just a little bit disheveled. 

I was really glad that we had decided get ready and go to church instead of just staying home. We would have missed a pretty epic meeting. Remember how we live in President Monson's Ward? Well, it was the Christmas program today and let me tell you, they go all out. For example, the sacrament bread was homemade cinnamon bread. Awesome? Yes it was. Then the real show began. In all the wards that I've been in, the choir usually sings some Christmas songs for the program, and they add in little bit of narration in between. Not in this ward. There was a choir, sure, but they also had a full and complete orchestra on the stand!! I'm talking five or six violinists, a viola, some flutes, a some cellos, and even a few basses. Every person that made up the legit orchestra was actually in our ward, too! I was so impressed. They played and sang some of the most beautiful classical Christmas music I have ever heard. At the end of the meeting, we sang every single verse of not one, not two, but three closing hymns! The whole ward even stood up for the last one. It was crazy.

As another side note, our ward was supposed to move from the 11:00 hour to the 9:00 hour starting next year. However, our Bishop recently got a call from "downtown." It turns out that the 9:00 time doesn't really "jive" with President and Sister Monson, so we're staying at the 11:00 time for the next year.

Needless to say, D and I love our ward. It's pretty much the best ever.

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