Tuesday, December 7, 2010

late late late

(Old-school photo of D and I. Pre-marriage.)

I bet you didn't know this about Daniel, but he is almost always on time. For example, when his alarm goes of in the morning, he doesn't hit snooze. EVER!! You heard me, that is not a lie. I, on the other hand, don't know what I would do without a snooze button. His rationale is that his alarm goes off at a certain time, and he needs to wake up when it goes off so he'll have time to get ready without "scrambling." I'll admit, it sounds logical. But who even thinks that way?!?! I'm a scrambler through and through. And Daniel just patiently watches me run around the apartment like a chicken with my head cut off at 7:46 am when I'm supposed to be at work by 8:00. He doesn't even say "I told you so" or get mad at me for hitting snooze five times instead of just once.

That being said, D wasn't home from school yet when I got home from work tonight.

That stressed me out. He finishes with school way before I get off of work, so he's always home when I get there. So of course, like the crazy wife I am, I called him to see where he was. Voicemail. In addition to never being late, he also rarely doesn't pick up his phone (I know...never late and always picks up the phone? I have the best husband ever.) I thought he must be in a traffic jam, and just didn't hear his phone. I waited 5 minutes, and called again. Voicemail. Car accident scenes are now flashing through my mind. I know that was probably too far, but I couldn't help it.

I forced myself to wait like 20 more minutes before I called him a third time. No answer. So I left him one of those "where are you...I am freaking out..." messages and waited. 15 more minutes went by and I still hadn't heard from him. Yes...I called him again. Still no answer!! At this point, Daniel is almost an hour and a half late, and I am deciding whether to call Daniel's BFF John Lawrence or all of the Hospitals in the Salt Lake Valley first. I had just picked up my phone again when it started ringing. It was Daniel!! He was alive!!! I picked up the phone and the first thing I said was "I didn't know whether to call John or Hospitals!!" He about died laughing. I felt like an idiot when he told me he had just been trying to sneak in some Christmas shopping without me knowing. I might be the stupidest wife ever.

p.s. Yes, I am blogging when I am supposed to be studying for finals and writing papers. So sue me.

p.p.s And yes, D and I are also watching Nacho Libre. Pretty much no studying is getting done tonight, I can tell you that much.

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