Sunday, November 14, 2010

happy sunday

i can't begin to describe how wonderful it is to have the prophet in our ward.

we had the primary program today (which was wonderful all by itself) but the prophet's personal testimony at the end of it made it that much more special. he's a man of God, and he radiates the spirit every time he speaks. i don't think i breathe or blink the entire time he's standing at the pulpit.

our entire ward is silent when he speaks. it's as if even the smallest children know that he is an important man, and that he talks with God. and President Monson loves the children. in fact, he even sat on the stand with them during the program! right in the middle of his closing remarks, he completely turned away from the microphone to face all the kids sitting behind him, and talked directly to them. he told one girl he liked her shoes, and another boy that he looked like he'd be a great missionary. he told all of them how well they did in the program, and that we'd all be squirmy if we had to sit on the stand for the whole meeting. it was darling.

some of the things President Monson says are really quite hilarious. although his house on carter street (which is literally one street above our apartment complex) may be empty because he was "forced" to move downtown, he still keeps chickens there. i love that. i also love the cute things he says about Frances - how she's a "homebody" and begs him to let her stay home when he travels, and how she loves to go to swiss days. I also found out from the ward newsletter that I share a birthday with her!

today when President Monson spoke, he shared a story that really inspired me. Once when he and Frances were visiting members in a particularly poor area, he said the both left wearing levis and t-shirts since they had given every last pair of nice clothing they owned away to the members there. on a funny note, President Monson said he later returned to visit the members there and complimented a man on his suit, only to find out it had once belonged to him!

i love those personal stories, but i absolutely hang on to every word of advice he gives. he told the members of our ward to remember to be merciful, kind, and scatter good deeds everywhere we go. he told us to visit the weak and weary, and the less active. he said if they don't open the door to us the first time, try again.

probably my favorite thing he said today was this:

"people ask me what my motto is, and i say that i am quick to forgive, for the Savior was."

it reminded me to be a little kinder, do a little more, and forgive a little easier. i think our world in general could use that reminder, so i thought i'd share it.


  1. You are one lucky duck! I think I need to go to your ward :)

  2. I'm jealous you get to see this cute man all the time. I think we need to come to your ward too. :)


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