Monday, February 14, 2011

D's Birthday Festivities

I realize Daniel's birthday was a while ago, but life is a sneaky thing that sneaks up on you when you least expect it. Get ready for too many pictures.**

It was so fun to have D's birthday on a Saturday because we had the whole day to do whatever he wanted!

We started off by sleeping in as late as possible. When we woke up, we made a tasty breakfast and opened a few presents. Then we went to the Verizon Store and got some cases for our phones (yes, I know it was his birthday, but I needed a cell phone case too!). We were pretty excited to get them because we just figured out that Intermountain Healthcare employees get 25% off all accessories at the Verizon Store! Super sweet.

Then it was off to lunch at one of our favorites - Paradise Bakery.


 Seriously, their food is divine.

Then we visited Daniel's family and my family, and opened a few more presents along the way.

My mom made Daniel a cake, but made the mistake of letting him put his 24 candles on.

This is what happened.

It looks like a sun to me, but Daniel assured me that it was "a fortress."

I hope he made a great wish!

Afterwards, we met up with friends and had dinner at Training Table (another fav). It was so fun to hang out with everyone!

The last stop was, of course, Fat Cats for bowling.

To explain this, there are two things you need to know about Daniel: 
1. He loves bowling.
2. He is extremely competitive.

Because of these two factors, D is actually a pretty good bowler. To make a long story short, D ended up winning both games we played that night. I, on the other hand, bowled my fair share of gutter balls and generally embarrassed myself as usual. It was an epic night.

Bowling turned out to be even more fun because we happened to run into a fantastic guy from Daniel's fraternity who's wife just happened to work at Fat Cats. Free bowling anyone?! Yes, please!

Oh, and I also got hooked up with some free socks since I never remember to wear socks when I go bowling. Pretty stylin' huh?

Needless to say, D's birthday was a blast. We loved sharing it with great friends.

**Sorry that half of these photos are annoyingly blurry. A few were taken with D's iPod touch, and some were off of my crummy little camera that is probably worse than an iPod touch. Thanks for loving me through it.

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