Thursday, February 24, 2011

02 - best friends

these are my very best friends.

 i love them all dearly even though i don't see any of them as often as i'd like. each of these fabulous girls has played a big role in helping me become the person that i am today. 
i love you all!

on a less squishy note, would you like to hear some of our hilarious nicknames?! i was thinking about it, and there are some pretty funny ones. many of them were invented on random adventures, but some of them have existed since basically the dawn of time. and in case you're wondering, we really do use some of them pretty often.

From left to right:

Abbi: Abs, Abigail, Sly Fox, Abu, and pretty much anything with the word "sexy" in it.
Melissa: MelNash, Mel, Nash, Nashy, Mel Bell, Lissy, Melish Nish, Nash Balls (it's a lacrosse reference, i swear).
Elizabeth: Liz, Lizzie, Moffitt, Moffitteer, Lizard, Liz Bliz, Crazy Loon (i may be the only one who calls her this).
Mandy: Mands, Manders, Mandel, Dandel, Dandelion, M.
Marianne: Mari, Scout (a personal favorite), Mares, Schmidt, Schmidty, Titch, Titch Bit, Bit, Ti-Bi.
Emily: Emma, Em, Shmema, Shmemily, Shmem, Roos, Rooster.
Lauren: Laur, Laur-bar, L-Brad, Cute Lauren.

if you think these are should hear what we've nicknamed some of our cars.

p.s....please tell me if i forgot any! i easily could have missed some great ones.

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