Saturday, February 26, 2011

04 - a typical night.

A typical evening with the Sorensens usually goes something like this:

Just hanging out on our couch (it's denim - I know you're jealous) with computers or controllers on our laps. There's a whole lot of homework, mindless Internet surfing, video-gaming, and Netflix movie-watching. Let's not forget our TV show agenda - a little bit of Jay Leno/Jimmy Fallon, and occasionally even the news! (Can you tell we don't have cable?) We really do have fun though, I promise! Relaxing evenings with D are the very best :)

If we happen to be over at the Jacobsen's for Sunday dinner, it might go something like this:

 This last one is just for blackmail. 

Isn't my hubby a STUD?! <3

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