Friday, January 28, 2011

Who I am.

Who I am.

I am...21 years old.
I see the world.
I have...a lot to be grateful for.
I wish...I could run a marathon.
I hate...doing the dishes.
I fear...making the wrong decision. oh, and insects.
I search...for everything on
I wonder...what my purpose is in life.
I regret...only the risks I don't take.
I husband and family.
I ache...for those who are suffering.
I always...have my toenails painted.
I usually...leave everything until the last minute.
I am not...afraid of confrontation.
I dance...but not necessarily well.
I loud music in my car.
I never...skip breakfast.
I sometimes...feel average.
I movies when someone dies or something ends.
I am not always...on time.
I lose...important papers quite often.
I am people who are intentionally unkind.
I feel loved.
I should...look for the fun in everything I do.

Who are you?

I borrowed the idea for this post from this darling blog. Thanks Jaimie!

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  1. Love your blog. I secretly stalk it every day hoping there will be a new little treasure. Thanks for the shout out by the way!
    Love you Mandy!!


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