Monday, January 24, 2011

Where we are today.

The other day I got a Facebook message from one of my best friends, Melissa Nash.  In the message, she had linked to a news article about a fatal shooting in Salt Lake City. I thought it was a little strange for a Facebook message, but I clicked on the link and read it anyway. It turns out, one of our casual friends from high school was involved in the shooting. And get this...he wasn't the victim.

Our friend from high school was the shooter.

Okay. So this might not seem surprising to some people, but it pretty much threw me for a loop. Someone that I knew in high school turned out to be a murderer. Holy cow!! For some reason, this almost shocked me more even than high school friends of mine that have passed away unexpectedly. After having a minor panic attack about how a murderer signed my yearbook and watched movies at my house, I started to do some thinking. 

It's so crazy to think about where the people in your life have ended up.

I hardly ever thought about this when I was younger, but for all I knew I was eating lunch with future world travelers, valedictorians, teenage parents, cancer survivors, suicide victims, and star college athletes. Oh, and murderers...

It's even weird to think about where my life has ended up. For one thing, I never expected to be married at 21 years old. And I had absolutely no idea when I met Daniel that he would eventually become my husband. I definitely never expected to be going into Elementary Education, either. Even though I hadn't planned on any of these things, I know I am in exactly the right place in life.

 I'm excited to see what we all become in the future.

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  1. Wow Mandy! I totally remember him from highschool too! YIKES! Akol was so nice! It's so sad to hear about this! Its so crazy for sure where people end up and what decisions that people make!


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