Saturday, January 8, 2011

jimmy eat world & blanket forts

I'm stressed.
School starts on Monday, and 19 credit hours = NOT excited.
Also, the deadline for applying to the Elementary Education program at the U is March 1st.
That means before March 1st I have to:

Study for and take the Praxis (and get my scores back in time)
Get my official transcripts (which is complicated because of this incident)
Fill out the application form
Write my statement of purpose


It's my fault, though. And I know it. If I hadn't procrastinated the application for so long, this wouldn't be nearly as difficult. There are also a few other dumb things that have been stressing me out lately, but they aren't really important. It just seems like things tend to pile up all at once, you know?

I told D last night that I kind of just wanted to hide from the world for a minute.

So he built me a blanket fort.

Sweetest husband ever? Pretty much. We spent our Friday evening huddled up together in our little fort and hiding from everything. If you're ever feeling stressed, I recommend it. That, and listen to some Jimmy Eat World. Jimmy always makes it better, I promise.

Here's a favorite of mine off of their album called Invented. The whole album is amazing if you're looking for some new music. We're huge Jimmy fans.

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