Sunday, January 9, 2011

sunbeam adventures.

Daniel and I teach the Sunbeams in our ward. It's quite possibly the most hilarious (and sometimes exhausting) calling ever. We have eight darling three-year-olds in our class, and they are all fabulous. Here's a few quotes from our class time just to give you a taste of what we deal with on the average Sunday:

"I looooove food!" - Eli
(After a talk about "feasting upon the words of Christ")

"I am a Ninja Turtle." - Mark
"Aren't you a real person?" - D
"Well, yeah. But I am a Ninja Turtle!" - Mark

(After farting quite loudly) "...I fluffed." - Eli

"I want to tell a story! Once upon a time, there was this boy who cried and cried and cried and cried...." - Will
"Oh no! Was he ever happy?" - M
"Oh...that's a sad story."

"What is your favorite present you got for Christmas?" - M
"A fridge." - Gillian

(Pointing to Daniel) "Is that old guy my teacher?" - Mark
"Yeah, he's your teacher too." - M
"I have TWO teachers! What the heck?!" -Mark

We also have quite the budding romance in our class as well! Will, one of our cute Sunbeams, has decided that he is going to sit by a girl named Addie at all times, hold her hand, and give her REALLY big hugs. Addie is a darling girl, so I can totally understand how he feels. It's pretty cute.

In addition to the romance, we also routinely have more than one child saying the prayer at the same time. It's not that we mean to, but when we tell the kids to fold their arms and bow their heads, they all start saying prayers. It happens even when we call on one person in particular to say it. Too funny!

I also made the mistake today of writing Mark's name in orange crayon on his picture. You see, Mark likes the color red. I mean, he really likes the color red. He likes it so much that there was absolutely no way he was going to have his name written at the top of his paper in orange. Before he left class, I had to completely trace over his name in red crayon until you couldn't see any orange at all. Crisis averted.

As we were trying to wrap up class today, a mass game of ring-around-the-rosie somehow got started. We have no idea how it happened, but in about a minute flat the entire class was holding hands and spinning in a circle until they ended up in a pile on the floor. Luckily, we managed to get it under control by the time their parents came to pick them up. It took some help from Isaac reminding the rest of the children that we were in "a Jesus house."

Pretty much...we love our calling. The Sunbeams are surprisingly spiritual, and a whole lot of fun to teach. But I have to say that one of my favorite parts of the calling is getting to see how great D is with the kids. It kind of makes me melt to see how much they love him. He's going to be such a great Dad someday. <3

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