Saturday, November 20, 2010

weekend fun.

D and I had a lot of fun this weekend. We both got off work on Friday and decided we needed to have a mini date night. We took a little road trip out to Draper to grab some In-N-Out burger (romantic, huh?) and it was so yummy! It's one of the few places I order a hamburger instead of chicken strips. Come to think of it, I don't think they even have chicken strips there...

After In-N-Out, we decided to pay a visit to IKEA while we were out that way. We saw online that they carry these cute red pillowcases that measure 26 x 26". You see, D and I bought these awesome euro-style square pillows for our bed when we first got married, and our vision was to have them covered in red pillowcases. You'd think they'd be easy to find, right? WRONG!! It's been 3 months, and we've turned up nothing that costs below $50.00. For. Each. Pillowcase. *sigh*

Well, our visit to IKEA just led to more disappointment. We saw the perfect pillowcases on a display bed, and the tag said $11.99. We were thrilled!! When we got down to the textiles area, we couldn't find them anywhere. Finally, D noticed a comforter in the same fabric so we went to check it out. It turns out, the pillowcases are only sold in a set with the comforter! And it was far above $11.99. We figured out that the tag we saw was the price for the actual pillow inside the case. It was a sad day. We had to buy one of the IKEA chocolate bars on the way out to cheer us up. It kind of worked.

What really helped to cheer us up was our quick stop at FYE on the way home where we purchased Napoleon Dynamite. We watched it when we got back to our apartment, and got some good laughs.

Although our date night was fabulous, we both kind of wished we had gone to see Highland High School play in the State Championship football game at Rice Eccles Stadium (D and I are both Highland Grads). Highland ended up winning in double overtime!! It would have been an exciting game. We're proud of our Rams!

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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