Wednesday, November 17, 2010


i've found myself saying something a lot lately, and that something is this:

"we should totally save up our money for [blank]."

nothing wrong with that, right? well, except for it's a different word in the blank every time i say it.

a few things i've put in that blank in the past little while:

1. invisalign (is that weird?)
2. touring europe
3. a mediterranean cruise
4. a nice house
5. a rainy day
6. a new wardrobe from anthropologie
7. christmas
8. a new (bigger) car for D
9. next semester when i can't work as much
10. a smart phone

i know, i's going to be a while before any of that cool stuff gets to happen. i should probably at least graduate before i fill in that blank with anything other than a rainy day.

a girl can dream, though!

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