Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our First Thanksgiving

Our first Thanksgiving together was a blast! First, we ate a truly fantastic dinner with the Sorensens (& company). Highlights included my first-ever deep fried turkey, AND a brined turkey using the Pioneer Woman's recipe. Yum!! Later, we stopped by the Jacobsens for some dessert. I tried a sliver of all 5 pie flavors (and gained 5 lbs to prove it), and D ate way more than his fair share of my cousin Kimber's pumpkin roll.

It was a great day.

Just some photos of our day. Most of them taken by Daniel.
(He's kind of an awesome photog, huh?)

p.s. D has been so into classical music lately. Right now he's plugged into his laptop [with his big Skull Candy headphones, mind you] jamming to some symphony video he's watching on YouTube. I really hope it's for his music class...do you think they require you to learn to lead the music with a pencil?

*update* I must apologize for speaking prematurely. I have just been informed that it is not just some symphony, it is Beethoven's Sympony No. 7 in A Major. Go ahead, see what I'm dealing with right now.

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