Sunday, February 16, 2014

Halloween at an Elementary School

I have come to the conclusion that you have not experienced Halloween until you have spent it with 30 children at an Elementary School. Halloween is by FAR my favorite day of the school year. It's my very favorite holiday, and I love dressing up and getting to party with the kiddos! 

We did one of those stations where the kids had to feel something gross and guess what it was. One of the moms in my class is HILARIOUS, and brought the bowl labeled "worms". All the kids guessed spaghetti, gummy worms, etc...but guess what was in the bowl? ACTUAL WORMS!!!! Oh my gosh, it was too funny. You should have seen the kids' faces when we showed them what they had touched. So, naturally, we took the bowl down to the faculty room after the party and had all the teachers feel it too. SO funny!!

Two of my cute parent volunteers!

Halloween Mod Podge Art

 I wish I could post a million more pictures of our party (I actually took 186 that day), but I can't show their cute faces on the blog. So all you get is a few pictures of our party activities, and a picture of my costume this year:

I was a minion! The idea credit goes completely to Lauren Bradley, the queen of costume ideas and one of my very best friends. It was a fun costume and my kids really liked it!

Any costume ideas for me next year? I'd love to hear!


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