Monday, April 16, 2012

A bull in a china shop.

Sometimes Daniel is like a bull in a china shop. Have you ever heard that saying? It means means you often drop or break things, or move roughly in small areas. Today, as we were on the floor duct taping the broken rung of Daniel's dining room chair, we came up with a comprehensive list of everything Daniel has broken in our apartment since we moved in:

1. Dropped a pocket knife that cut through our bed sheet and the mattress pad underneath.
2. Slipped in the shower and cracked the wall when he crashed into it.
3. Slipped in the shower again and pulled down the shower curtain rod.
4. Dented the ceiling moving a grandfather clock into the apartment.
5. Chipped the white finish on the stove dropping a bowl.
6. Cracked the light fixture in the kitchen. (In all fairness, it was me who asked him to screw it in tighter).
7. Broke the bottom rung of his dining room chair, as stated above.
8. Squeezed the pink printer ink too hard, and made a lovely design on the carpet. (Bonus: his hand was dyed pink for two days).
9. Shattered a glass cup on the kitchen floor.
10. Dented the IKEA dresser with a belt buckle.

As we were making the list, we discovered that I'm not innocent either. So here's my list of broken things:

1. Spilled an entire melted lilac candle on the bedroom carpet.
2. Dropped a bowl and dented the microwave (the first week we had it).
3. Fed a spoon to the garbage disposal.
4. Ruined a white dress shirt with eye-makeup.

So there you have it. I've said it once, and I'll say it again. It's a really good thing our apartment manager doesn't read my blog.


  1. Okay I am cracking up at the slipping in the shower. I know it's not funny because that is seriously dangerous but Brandon has had some close calls and after the initial terror it is pretty hilarious for some reason!!

  2. I LOVE this. So funny. haha slipping in the shower, oh man, so classic. Just as Jaimie stated above, it really is terrifying!

    Oh man, I think the next post should be the # of expletives used following these listed incidents haha.


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