Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This is why finishing student teaching is a full time job.

Here is my day:

1. Woke up early and immediately started working on a website for my last class that, let's be honest, I should have been working on all semester.

2. Worked on the website until I realized I needed pictures of things from my classroom, and I never took those pictures. I also had lesson plans on the school computer, and not on mine. Dilemma.

3. Hurried to shower and get ready so I could actually be decent when I went over to the school.

4. Assembled a packet of my documents to give to the Principal while I was at it.

5. Drove to the school, gave the papers to the principal, and got mauled by all of my students.

6. Finally got my pictures taken and my lessons off the computer.

7. Raced back home and realized I had basically no time to finish my website before I had to be at an interview for Canyon's district.

8. Used what little time I had to sloppily finish the website and Google directions to Canyons.

9. Drove 50 mph on side streets so I could get to my interview on time.

10. Actually made it there, and had a great interview.

11. Except the interview took forever and I was going to be late to my class.

12. Called my friend and asked her to tell our professor I was running late.

13. Realized I needed my laptop for class because I was supposed to present a slideshow. Except I had no time to go home and get it.

14. Daniel met me at my class to give me my laptop.

15. Got to class 20 minutes late.

16. Presented my crappy website and cool slideshow.

17. Went to pick up Panda Express (Daniel's favorite) because he was so nice to bring me my computer. Except the line was SO LONG!

18. Waited in the line because I love my husband.

19. Raced home so I could eat before I had to go tutor a student.

20. Tutored a student.

21. Came home and had to finish a paper for that class that was due at 11:00.

22. Finally finished the paper.

23. Died.

24. Just kidding, I blogged about my day instead.

So...this free time...what is it again? Pretty sure tomorrow is going to look similar. Minus the papers and websites.

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  1. Talk about BUSY! That is quite a day! Blogging about it was a must. You are SO close to being a COLLEGE GRADUATE! you're like a legit adult now. Weird.


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