Thursday, September 16, 2010

One Month

Today is our one-month anniversiary! It's probably not that much of a milestone, but everything sort of feels like one when you're a newlywed. To celebrate, we have decided to follow the sound advice of some of our friends and family and eat our wedding cake tonight instead of freezing it for a year. We kinda hope it'll taste better.

In light of this one-month "milestone," I thought I'd share a few of the highlights from our first month of marriage.
  • Mandy washing a few brand-new beach towels with a load of other clothes. I have never seen so much lint in my life.
  • Daniel and Mandy setting off the smoke detector on two separate occasions while cooking dinner.
  • Mandy and Daniel living for an entire week without the most basic of necessities: Internet and a microwave. (Special thanks to the Roos-Lawrence family for fixing the microwave problem!)
  • Mandy and Daniel walking side-by-side into church with President Thomas S. Monson, and then hearing his personal testimony on Fast Sunday.
  • Mandy officially changing her last name from Jacobsen to Sorensen.
  • Daniel and Mandy (okay...mostly Daniel) starting a new exercise/eat-right kick.

I also read a quote today that I think describes our marriage perfectly so far:

"Our marriage has always been a 50/50 proposition - with the possible exception of closet space."

-- Gene Perret

So true, Gene. So true.

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