Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cereal and Conference


So as I was driving to work today, eating my cereal out of a mug as usual, I had this thought. It's so weird that we eat cereal! The more I thought about it, the more I began to realize that cereal is essentially kibble for humans.

Don't get the wrong idea about me - I love ceral. I eat it almost every day (and now that I'm married, sometimes even twice a day...). But that is beside the point. I seriously can't get over the fact that it looks like something I could feed to Fido. Think about it. Cereal is dry, it comes in little pieces, and we pour it out of bags and into bowls. Just like kibble. And the manufacturers even pack all these "essential vitamins and nutrients" into the mix just like they do for pets!

See?!? Kibble for humans!!

But enough about that.

I'm also very, very, very excited for Conference Weekend!
Why do I love General Conference? Well, what could be better than church in PJs? I love having a big, yummy breakfast, and getting caught up on a few chores while I'm listening. But most of all, I love being inspired. I love our apostles, prophets, and leaders, and I love their quotes and stories. I'm excited to hear from them.

And I absolutely love this quote by President Hinkley:

"I invite you to listen, listen if you will by the power of the Spirit to the speakers who will address you today and tomorrow as well as this evening. If you do so, I do not heasitate to promise you that you will be uplifted, your resolution to do what is right will be stronger, you will find solutions to your problems and your needs, and you will be led to thank the Lord for what you have heard."

That's why I love General Conference.

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  1. TOTALLY. KIBBLE. That's really weird and I'm not sure how to react to that quite yet. Stay tuned.

    Also, I adore your blog, I really just do. I check back so often just to creep on your sidebar which is just about my favoritest thing in the entire world. So amazing. I hate your vast amounts of creativity. Share, plz. Kthx.

    I LOVE YOU. I better see you tonight during/after priesthood meeting.


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