Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fair Time!

The State Fair was as awesome as ever this year. I never used to go before I met Daniel, but he sort of got me hooked on it. This year, we got to go with some of our bestest friends John and Emma Lawrence, and a good portion of their extended family. While this may seem odd to some, it's pretty much the norm for us. Daniel happens to be an honorary member of the Lawrence family as he and John are glued at the hip. When I married Daniel, I think I married into that family too by default =).

ANYWAY. Back to the fair.

The stinky animals aren't my favorite attraction at the fair, but we saw them anyway. We also meandered through the art exhibit for a good while - making sure to hit the life-size butter sculpture. After that, we walked around to a bunch of the little shops and got some yummy snacks. Then, John's mother offered to fund an epic race down the big yellow slide. It probably wasn't safe, but all 10 of us went down the slide at the same time. Now I'm not one to brag, but out of the 10 of us, my husband was definitely the first one to the bottom. PS - If you've never seen the yellow slide, it's behind us in this picture.

The slide race wasn't the only thing Daniel won that night. After spending far too much money, my extremely competitive darling husband won a few carnival games as well! I was pretty proud of him.

Overall, a fabulous weekend.


  1. You are definitely a family member by default. Just like I am to the Sorensen's. It's wonderful!


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