Saturday, June 9, 2012

Flashback: Murder Mystery Party

A while ago, Daniel and I got invited to a murder mystery birthday party hosted by Ben and Emily Hawker. The theme of the party was "Murder at the Deadwood Saloon." It was one of the best parties We've ever been to! We each got assigned a role to play for the night, and we had to use the information we were given to find out who the murderer was. 

When we voted on who we thought the murderer was, Billy the Bartender (aka Daniel) ended up getting the most votes even though he was innocent! (I think it had something to do with the creepy moustache). The true culprit was the birthday boy himself - my "father" Montgomery Money! This party was so much fun, Daniel and I decided we have to have another one soon.



  1. love your post. I was just telling Ben the other day how I want to throw another party soon haha

  2. Once upon a time... I went to a murder mystery date night as the "sexy" secretary, Tanya Tease. Daniel P. will never let me forget that nickname or who I had to flirt with for information. Murder Mysteries are a good time! :)


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