Friday, June 8, 2012

Events of the day.

Sorry guys! I have been seriously neglecting the blog as of late. Here is my list of excuses for why I haven't been able to blog:

1. I was busy trying to graduate from college. (Don't worry, I succeeded.)
2. I was busy trying to find a teaching job. (Don't worry, I also succeeded!)
3. I was busy laying on the beach in California.
4. I was busy riding all the rides and eating all the churros at Disneyland.
4. I was busy trying to figure out how to move my entire life from my old computer (RIP) to my new one! (I just barely succeeded on that one today.)

So, yeah. Expect some "flashback" posts in the next little while - I have a lot of catching up to do! Today, however is not a flashback. These are all events that happened today.

Event 1: The Carpet Cleaning Guy

First of all, I've been spending a lot of time lately setting up my classroom (!) and organizing all of my teaching materials for the upcoming year. In case you missed it on Facebook, I accepted a teaching position at Mill Creek Elementary in Granite District. I'll be teaching 4th and 5th grade this year, and I am beyond excited! 

Back to setting up my classroom. There were a bunch of people there today moving furniture out of the classrooms so the carpets could be cleaned. I was in my room, working hard trying to get everything put away so they could clean the carpets when one of the carpet cleaning guys poked his head into my room. He looked around for a minute, and then asked: "Hey, do you know if the teacher for this room is here?"

That is not a joke. He actually asked me that. I was speechless for several seconds before I put my little hand up and said "Um...that would be me." The poor guy felt bad and pretended like he knew the whole time, but we all know what really happened. Perhaps I need to get out my fake glasses again and start dressing more like an adult when I go in to clean out my classroom. Or perhaps it will just take me a couple of years to start looking (and let's be honest, feeling) like I'm actually qualified to do this job.

Event 2: That time I dragged my sister Allison on a 4 hour drive for milk.

Later, I got home and decided I was absolutely, positively craving these little flavored milk cartons that you can only get from one place - Gossner's Dairy in Logan. I first discovered them when Daniel's mom gave me one up at the cabin, and the addiction was finalized when we went to see the Elk at Hardware Ranch and stopped at Gossner's on the way down. I discovered that they sold the things in cases, and they came in more flavors that I ever imagined. I got a case of the chocolate ones (still my favorite to this day) and bought one of every other flavor to sample. My second favorite is the banana, third is the vanilla, and fourth is the orange cream. The root beer one is not legit.

But today, we were out of them. And I wanted them. Bad enough to drive nearly 2 hours up to Logan just to get them, and then drive the 2 hours back in the same day. So I did the only logical thing I could think of - I packed some car snacks and kidnapped my little sister to show her the beauty that is Gossner's Dairy in Logan.

We had a blast driving up there - the scenery was beautiful, and we got to hang out and catch up on each other's lives. Once we got there, we sampled everything we could and left with cases upon cases of the tasty flavored milk. We also bought some squeaky cheese, and got Gossner's ice cream cones for good measure. I had the best strawberry-banana cone of my life, and Allison went for the dreamy chocolate-marshmallow flavor.

Then, we turned around and drove home. All in a day's work.

Event 3: We are at the cabin!

That's right. After I drove the 4 hours to Logan and back, I packed my things got back in the car for another hour drive up to the cabin. Daniel and I are up here for the weekend with his sister Emily, and we are going fishing tomorrow! If you consider our last two fishing trips, I should hopefully have some stories to share.

Here's to an adventure-filled summer, and some more consistent blogging in the future!


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  1. Yes! I love all of your adventures. And that milk sounds... Good? I've never liked flavored milk, but I'm sure this stuff is great. The root beer flavor does not sound legit.


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