Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Here's some of our "stats" from the past few weeks, if you'd like to see!

Number of...
new restaurants I've tried in the past month: 4
times I've gone to dinner with teacher-friends: 3
shrimp I caught in my mouth at Tepanyaki: 1
shrimp Daniel caught in his mouth at Tepanyaki: 0 (aha! i win!)
immediate family members with birthdays on March 6th: 3
days until I'm done with student teaching: 24
interviews I have in the next week: 2
books I was supposed to read for class: 2
books I read for class: 0
books I read for fun: 1
hours of sleep I get most nights: 6.5
days until I graduate: 58
days until we leave for Newport Beach: 59
pounds I want to lose before then: 10
hours we spent at the gym with Laird: 1.5
times we've had fun watching our nephews: 1
times Liam has had fun with us watching him: 0
times we've watched Nacho Libre: 1
times Nacho Libre has been quoted afterward: infinity

Things have been pretty busy around here lately. Daniel is taking some tough classes this semester, and between student teaching and work, I'm gone for about 13 straight hours every day of the week. Lately, the thing that's been getting on my nerves the most is not having time to eat good, balanced meals. Is that too much for a girl to ask for?! It's a good thing student teaching is over in just a few weeks. Although, I'm really going to miss those kids. Even if they're crazy sometimes :)

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