Sunday, October 5, 2014

Welcome Home Elder Jacobsen!

It's absolutely crazy to me that it's been two whole years since I wrote this post. It feels like so much longer, but at the same time, I never thought this day would come and now it's here! I am so happy that our family got to welcome home Elder Steven Jacobsen from his mission last month. He returned with honor from the Arizona, Tempe Mission this past July, and we are so glad he's home.

Here's some fun and happy photos of the day we picked him up at the airport!
Our house all decorated and waiting for his arrival!

Getting excited!

 Waiting not-so-patiently with my sign...

 And here he is!!! 
(photo credit to the sweetest lady at the airport who didn't know us at all, but sent me the pictures she took of us)

 Steven and Grandma + Grandpa

 Elder J and his cute cousins!

 So happy to see his good friends.

 Finally together again! (Minus Tommy...)

And my personal favorite picture of the day, taken by my Aunt Kim. I love that brother of mine!

And last but not least, a video. This never fails to make me tear up. Except at the end, when my Grandma asks Steven if they can "do a selfie." That part is hilarious!

Hooray for Missionary Homecomings!


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  1. That video put the biggest smile on my face!!
    One of my fav. families for sure.


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