Sunday, March 24, 2013

10 reasons why being a teacher is fantastic.

1. You get to wear your hair like this for crazy hair day.

2. Jack Sparrow might show up at your 5th grade play performance.

3. You get to take your children outside for science and watch them get tangled in hula hoops.

4. You get paid to explore the Museum of Natural History.

5. Your students give you owl-themed gifts.

6. You can grade papers with these babies.

7. The faculty room is legitimately labeled like this:

8. Your students set leprechaun traps, and you get to set them off, steal all the gold coins, and eat them yourself.

9. You get to read hilarious things like this:

10. And last but not least, things like this will happen to you:

The other day, one of my students brought a bowling ball to school in his backpack. Yes, you read that right. A bowling ball. When I asked him what on Earth would possess him to do something like that, he claimed that it was his "good luck charm."    .......... Umm, what?!?

After confiscating the bowling ball, another student complained that his hand was hurting. It turns out that before school started that day, he had been joking around with the bowling ball student and had punched his backpack. By lunchtime, the second student's hand was so swollen that I made him call his mother. Turns out, he probably broke his hand.

Better than reality TV, I tell you. Much better.


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