Monday, February 18, 2013

that time i let my sister talk me into going to a concert.

Somehow, I let my sister Allison talk me into taking her and three of her friends to the Ed Sheeran concert a few weeks ago. Since I didn't want to go alone (you KNOW those girls were going to ditch their poor chaperone), I dragged Lizzie along with me. I owe Sarah and Lauren Bradley (who were also at the concert!) big time for getting me a copy of his album a few days before the concert so I wasn't stuck knowing only "The A Team."

And, since it is customary, here are a handful of blurry concert photos.

And this last one features the silhouette of the drunk lady who was getting in all our pictures and spilling her drinks everywhere and generally and ruining our lives. #notreally #iloveconcerts

Long story short, it ended up being a ton of fun! We stayed up way too late for a school night, but everyone survived. And, it turns out, I really like this Ed Sheeran guy! His music is pretty fantastic. Go get yourself a copy of his album and love your life. You can thank me later.


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