Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Elk Hunt

Warning: Some animals may have been harmed in the making of this post.

A few weeks ago, D went on the annual elk hunt with his Dad and his brother Sam. The Sorensens are big hunters, so I've learned a lot about it since I joined the family. They've been hunting up at Chalk Creek since D was about 8 years old! From what I heard, they had a fantastic time camping and hunting and whatever else you do on an elk hunt. This is a picture of the elk Daniel got!
Woah! Giant creature! Don't forget that Daniel is 6'5, and that elk makes him look like a 5-year-old.
Imagine my shock when I received the above photo via picture message.
And now for some elk trivia, in M's terms:
  1.  His elk was a 6-point (that means it has 6 pokey things on each side of the antlers).
  2. A 6-point elk is a very big elk.
  3. The antlers were very symmetrical, which is unusual.
  4. The antlers scored 320 by the Boone & Crockett scoring method.
  5. 320 is a very good score.
  6. The antlers measured 46 inches across.
  7. The four "quarters" (legs) alone weighed 350 lbs!!
  8. They did not name him (my mother asked).
  9. Elk tastes great in spaghetti (the only thing I've made with it so far).
  10. The antlers, once they are mounted, are probably going to live above the T.V. in our apartment.

Congrats on your elk, D! I'm proud of you!


  1. Way too cool. I wasn't aware that elk rival dinosaurs in size...

  2. This is crazy! That thing is massive. My in laws have a cabin up in Kamas and their neighbors gave them some elk last year and my mother in law made spaghetti with it! I thought it was so delicious until half way through they told me it was elk and I lost my appetite. All of a sudden it started tasting a little too gamey for my liking!


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