Thursday, October 22, 2015

26, 27, 28, 29...

Oops, I'm behind. Of course I am. At least I've been good at taking pictures!

I call this the "sneak outfit":
Oh, I'm not pregnant. What are you talking about?

26 weeks ^^

Daniel, the master photobomber, on our vacation!

27 weeks ^^

Also 27 weeks, but not in a dress. ^^

 28 weeks ^^

29 weeks ^^

How far along? 27 weeks
Baby is the size of: A rutabaga (what even?)
Total weight gain/loss: 10+ lbs
Stretch marks? None
Sleep: I've struggled a bit with this recently. It's so hard to get comfy, and I have to get up five million times a night. But I slept so amazingly well at our hotel in San Diego! I've decided we need a king size bed.
Best moment this week: A wonderful babymoon vacation in San Diego, and celebrating our 5 year anniversary!
Cravings: Twizzlers is the latest one this week. And breakfast food!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really, but I definitely can't eat as much as I used to! I get full really quickly these days and start to feel sick if I eat too much, or too late at night. Also...I have decided I am so done with FISH. Bleh.
Miss anything? Looking like a normal human. Haha! I feel like everyone is staring at my belly these days. I get lots of comments and questions - mostly sweet ones. Mostly ;).
Have you started to show yet? Yes indeed.
Gender: it's a boy!
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy happy happy!
Maternity clothes? Yep. Proud of myself for making it through the summer without needing a maternity swimsuit! 
Movement: Lots and lots! He loves the right side of my belly so much. Like, he might not know the left side exists?
Labor signs: I've been getting a few Braxton Hicks contractions these last couple weeks. At first they totally freaked me out! But they are totally painless and not a bother at all.
Belly button in or out? I'd say it's more flat than anything else...
Looking forward to: Third trimester!!!

Well baby, we've officially arrived at the third trimester! Although I'm definitely more uncomfortable than I have been, I'm pleasantly surprised at how good I've been feeling. We were go-go-go nonstop on our vacation, and baby made it really easy on me. We walked a ton, stayed up late, ate out a lot, and I still felt totally fine. I know that could all change in an instant, so I'm soaking it all in and trying to get some stuff done! I feel ridiculously behind on baby planning tasks like the nursery, etc. especially because we're on the home stretch now. We gotta get going on that. The hardest thing is making choices! There are so many baby things out there, and everyone says you need something different. I'm sure it's all a matter of opinion, but I waste hours reading reviews and guides and comparing products and price matching and trying to make the perfect decision on all this stuff! Half the time I just end up overwhelmed and deciding not to decide yet. Haha! This is why Daniel says I need to stay off the Internet. I think he's right.

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