Monday, March 31, 2014

War on Wood

Another catch-up post: November 2013

November was a crazy month. Pretty much all of our stories from this month start and end with one thing: WOOD. Wood seems harmless enough, but it singlehandedly caused two epic adventures for the Sorensens this past November.

The first story is a lot more hilarious when I tell the long version, but I'll keep it short for blogging purposes. One evening, Daniel was working with his friend John taking down some heavy wood cabinets for a house remodel. As they were removing them, one of the cabinets fell and hit Daniel on the top of his head. After sending some gruesome pictures to his dad (a surgeon), it was determined that Daniel needed stitches. So he TEXTED (not called, texted) me to let me know. I freaked out remained calm and drove him to the Instacare, and all was taken care of. It could have been a lot worse, and he was lucky to get out of there with 9 staples, and no sign of a concussion!

 Instacare Daniel


Which brings me to my second story. Daniel has decided recently to take up woodcarving. It's a really neat hobby (except when wood shavings are all over your living room) and Daniel is very good at it. This Santa is only the third thing he ever carved!

One day, Daniel was carving another Santa similar to this one, and a giant, sharp, terrible chunk of wood went rouge and shot RIGHT INTO HIS EYE!! I am not kidding you. It was stuck in his eye. Craziness ensued. It took me almost 5 minutes to get it out. I ended up having to pull it out with tweezers!! After all of the stress was over and we determined that Daniel was not blind, the two of us had a straight up laugh attack in front of the bathroom mirror where we had been trying to get the wood out of his eye. It was such a freak accident, and we were so glad he was okay!

Don't worry, the next day we were at Home Depot buying eyewear for wood carving. NOT making that mistake again!

And that is why M & D are not friends with wood. The end.


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